Here is my collection of various info about Takara dolls, most notably Jenny Friends, Licca-chan and others.

Notes: Most listed pages are still under construction and will be published upon completion.

After that I plan to cover more arcane and specialized topics in regards to collecting of Takara dolls..

Jenny and Jenny Friends dolls

  • History of Jenny dolls
  • Timeline

Jenny characters info

Takara provides each character from their doll line-ups with all sorts of background info to faccilitate children's play: date and place of birth, age, hobbies, biography details...

These pages collect known data and provide some additional background info.

Jenny dolls info

Info for collectors and doll enthusiasts.

Coming soon:

Licca-chan dolls

  • History of Licca dolls
  • Timeline

Licca characters info

  • Licca family
  • Licca friends

Licca dolls info

  • Face Molds
  • Bodies

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Other info

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