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Takara provides information on places of birth for characters in their Jenny and Friends doll line and it's a fascinating reflection of real-life history, politics and Japan's interest in the world outside. One must also consider what booka and films/anime girls watched, as those also can influence interests and doll play.

So, here are the stats:

  1. Japan: 24 characters
  2. USA - 9 characters
  3. France - 6 characters
  4. UK - 4 characters
  5. Scandinavia + specifically named Denmark - 4 characters
  6. Spain, China and Hong-Kong, Austria, Australia  - 2 characters
  7. Canada, Belgium, Switzerland, Lichtenstein and Russia - 1 character

Most characters are stated to be born in Japan, which is understandable for dolls created for Japan market.

USA is Japan's trade and political partner and a is an origin of many external cultural influences on Japan since 1940s.

France is like-wise a long-time source of interest for the Japanese, with Paris being seen as an Ideal European City, center of arts, fashion, style and culture, an regarded to such an extent that some tourists become victims of Paris syndrome upon visiting.

UK is another example of interest in European history and culture.

"Scandinavia" probably was influenced by Norwegian and Swedish Royal houses being in the news in the 1990s (as at least 2 characters have royal connections "in universe").

Switzerland appearence can be atributed to popularity of "Heidi" book and anime adaptation

China and Russia appeared after both countries become more open and acessable to the outside world and their contacts with Japan increased.

See full list of known birth locations + some maps below.

Birth places for Jenny Friends

Country Cities Jenny Friends
USA Los-Angeles

Jenny (ジェニー)
Jeff (ジェフ)
Ken (ケン)
Mike (マイク)
Louise (ルイーズ)

California Tom (トム)

First Ellie (初代エリー)
Ellie (エリー)
Annie (アニー)
Jessica (ジェシカ)


Jane (ジェーン)
AGIS Felice (フェリス)
AGIS Valerie (バレリー)

Canada   Laura (ローラ)
UK London Raph (レイフ)
Juliana (ジュリアナ)
Marine (マリーン)
  Elise (エリーゼ)
Australia Sidney Lisa (リサ)
AGIS Jessica (ジェシカ)
France Paris First Flora and Old Flora (フローラ)
Judy (ジュディ)
Provence region Mille-feuille (ミルフィーユ)
  Chelsea (チェルシー)
Francois (フランソワ)
Olive (オリーブ)
Spain Barcelona Rosana (ロザーナ)
  Shelly (シェリ)
Belgium   Lobelia (ロベリア)
Scandinavia   Charles (チャールズ )
New Flora (フローラ)
Timotei (ティモテ)
Denmark Copenhagen Sheena ( シーナ)
China   Erika (エリカ)
AGIS Lilian (リリアン)
Hong Kong Meylin (メイリン)
Suzy (スージー)
Russia   Yurishia (ユリーシア)
Lichtenstein   AGIS Angeli (アンジェリー)
Austria Vienna Lina (リナ )
(before: Austria)
  AGIS Karna (カーナ)
Switzerland   Abel (アベル)
Japan Tokyo Tomoki (トモキ)
Mirai (ーみらい)
Mitsuki (ミツキ)
Nanako Hoshizawa (星澤奈々子)
Sayaka (サヤカ)
Shion ( シオン)
Tamaki (たまき)
Asakusa, Tokyo Kisara (キサラ)
Yokohama Julia (ジュリア)
Sakurako (桜子)
Kanagawa Prefecture Rie/Lie (リエ)
Kaori-chan (カオリ)
Okinawa Prefecture AGIS Dancing Airi (ダンシングアイリ)

Takumi (タクミ)
Aiko-chan (あいこ)
Aya (アヤ)
Ayano (あやの)
Chihiro (ちひろ)
Mary (マリー)
Naomi (ナオミ)
Sayuri (サユリ)
AGIS Shou (ショウ)
AGIS Moe (モエ)
AGIS Kyoko (キョウコ)

Unknown countries of origin:

Jenny Friends: Brigitte

Special case: Excelina (エクセリーナ)

Other characters: Nadesiko ( なでしこ), Sister B (シスターB), Akira (アキラ)


World map of Jenny Friends birth places
World map of Jenny Friends birth places

Map of Europe with birth places of Jenny Friends
Map of Europe with birth places of Jenny Friends

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