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I'm Kuz'ma.

I'm a doll collector, photographer and customizer and this website is dedicated to my Takara dolls collection.

I'm an avid photographer and I frequently use items from my collection as subject in my photography.
I strive to capture fleeting illusion of life and soul of those inanimate objects.

What can be found here:

  • Info on history and specifics of Takara dolls.
  • Current state of my Takara dolls collection (my focus is primarly on Jenny and her friends).
  • Reviews and unboxing photos of additions to my collection.
  • Records on progress on my dolls-related projects.
  • Plenty of photos.

Sister sites:

Since mycollection is vast and varied, I've decided to split content into several websites:

Action Figures Collector
Website dedicated to my action figures collection, in English.
Dolls Collector
Website dedicated to my dolls collection, in English.

Me, elsewhere

Private universe | Timeline
My personal blog, in Russian and English.


Is item XXX for sale?
Where can I buy item YYY?
Depends on your location.
Try eBay, other online selling platforms and local to you doll/action figures-related websites.

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