Takara dolls website launch

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Logo for Takara Dolls CollectorThis website was conceived a long-long time ago, as I wanted a space to showcase my extensive Takara dolls collection and collect all the relevant info on these dolls in one place. But years went by and launch was delayed time and time again - pandemic, wars, more pressing matters, that forced me to dedicate more time to my other web-projects.

But now the time has come to start working on it and so it begins...

I've decided to abandon all notions of doing it as a major project, with set deadlines and dedicated plans. Instead, I'll update it now and then, doing what I can fit in my hectic schedule in hopes that little by little, my vision will take shape.

To give myself at least some direction and distribute the workload evenly throughout the year, I will try to post photos of dolls from my collection on days that correspond with that character birthday. This helped me immensely in 2014, when I got my first Takara dolls and started to take photos of my new acquisitions.
I hope that this approach will motivate and keep me accountable and after a year or two will allow me to put most of the photos online again.

I plan to do info pages on all the characters, history and various aspects of collecting Takara dolls in between and currently work on possible schedule.

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