Meirin (メイリン)

About Jenny Friend Meylin

Jenny Friend Meylin (メイリン) was first released in the July of 1988 as a member of second generation of Jenny's Club (along with Judy, Aya, Annie, and Lisa). This version had 2 ponytails and brown eyes, and was notable for her side glance. After initial release, Meirin was not released again for more than 10 years, it was rumored, the reason was that her mold was broken or lost. Dolls became very sought after by collectors and fetched high prices at auctions and second-hand market. 

But whatever the problem was, Meirin returned to line-up in December of 1999 as an Limited Edition doll for the Toy Expo 2000 (おもちゃ博 2000), and in just a few months later, in March of 2000 she was released as a limited Edition friend for Jenny's 15 anniversary.

As a character, Meirin is 17 years old and a China/Hong Kong native. She speaks 6 languages, practices Tai Chi and her hobby is collecting kitschy accessories. She wants to open a groccery shop, when she grows up.

Takara has used several versions of latin representation of the Meirin name: Meirin / Meilin / Meylin.

Doll info:

First release:
July 1988
Face mold:

Character info:

English name:
Japanese name:
Russian name:
June 06
Zodiac sign:
Blood type:
Place of birth:
Hong Kong

Meirin (15th anniversary)

Meirin (15th anniversary)

Meirin (15th anniversary)
Released: March 2000

Meilin (LE 06.2001)

Meilin (LE 06.2001)

Meilin (LE Friend)
Released: June 2001

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