Ellie (Supermodel)

Doll info:

English name:
Supermodel Ellie
Japanese name:
スーパーモデル エリー
Face mold:
SAJ (Super Action Jenny)
February 1997
Original price:

In 1997 Jenny and Ellie along with two new Jenny Friends (Naomi and New Flora) were released with a new articulated body (Super Action Jenny aka SAJ body) in a series Super Model Club. For this release Ellie got a new, unique look with fair skin and blond hair.

This is a doll in her original outfit: light pink mini-dress and a cropped jacket, trimmed with ribbons. Accessories include a chain belt and a bag with chain handles.
This look is obviously inspired by classic Chanel suits.

I've also uploaded photos of the box she came in.

Supermodel Ellie: unboxing

Supermodel Ellie: unboxing

Photos of box for Supermodel Ellie.


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