Princess Jenny (プリンセスジェニー)

About Princess Jenny

Princess Jenny (プリンセスジェニー) is a unique eyeprint used in 1990 for a story about Jenny going to study music in Vienna, meeting a new friend - flight attendant Timotei, who introduced Jenny to her cousin Charles, a prince of unspecified Scandinavian country. As their companion, Jenny attends several parties and events and makes her debut in high society.

Princess Jenny uses smaller 6K18 face mold (created for Eighteen Jenny), but her eyes are more rounded, which gives this doll a grown-up but youthful and sweet appearance. All of the dolls with this eyeprint, released in 1990 had long wavy hair, were dressed in evening dresses or ball gowns, often came with additional jewelry accessories.

Doll info:

First release:
September 1990
Face mold:

Character info:

English name:
Princess Jenny
Japanese name:
Russian name:
Принцесса Дженни
August 01
Zodiac sign:
Blood type:
Place of birth:
Los-Angeles, USA

Princess Jenny Excellent

Princess Jenny Excellent

Princess Jenny Excellent
Released: October 1990

Princess Jenny (original)

Princess Jenny (original)

Princess Jenny
Released: September - October 1990.

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