AGIS Jenny (エンジェルズガーデンジェニー)

About AGIS Jenny variation (エンジェルズガーデンジェニー)

In October of 1999 Takara released a new series "AGIS" with a tagline "Slice of School Days", with it an alternative universe of "Jenny World" was launched, which runs parallel to the normal "Jenny" setting. This was an attempt to bring a new audience of younger girls. Release of dolls were supported by manga serialization in magazines.

The story is about Jenny, a second-year student at AGIS (Angels Garden International School), an international school in Yokohama, who meets fellow students and is inspired by them. Characters share their dreams for the future and (of course) dabble in fashion.

Jenny in this universe is a 2nd year student from America, still 17 years old. She's a bright girl who loves fashion, she's searching for her her future while working part-time as a model.

AGIS Jenny eyeprint is characterized by "angel wings", as if symbolizing the series name.

Doll info:

First release:
October 1999
Face mold:

Character info:

English name:
Angels Garden Jenny
Japanese name:
Russian name:
Анжелик Гарден Дженни
August 01
Zodiac sign:
Blood type:
Place of birth:
Los-Angeles, USA


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