1991 Face Jenny (1991ジェニー)

About 1991 Face Jenny variation (1991年ジェニー)

In 1991 a new version of Jenny variation was launched - it had a new eyeprint with smaller eyes, jagged eyebrows (though dolls with smooth eyebrows were also produced), this Jenny also used smaller head mold and had a taller body.

First dolls released with this eyeprint featured Jenny as a new Idol singer and had a dress that was able to be transformed from mini to maxi.

This new eyeprint was unpopular - some felt that the doll was ugly, her eyes too small - and by December 1991 Takara had returned to old Jenny eyeprint for their new doll releases.

Doll info:

First release:
February 1991
Face mold:

Character info:

English name:
1991 Jenny or J91
Japanese name:
Russian name:
1991 Дженни
August 01
Zodiac sign:
Blood type:
Place of birth:
Los-Angeles, USA

Idol Jenny (blue dress version)

Idol Jenny (blue dress version)

Idol 1991 Jenny
Released: February 1991

1991 Jenny (Variety Collection)

1991 Jenny (Variety Collection)

1991 Jenny (Variety Collection)
Released: 1991

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