Jenny dolls

Jenny dolls by Takara is one of cornerstones of my doll collection. 

With Jenny long history comes quite a few iterations - some versions had a long run, some were present for a few releases only.
These pages provide info and photos of Jenny dolls eyeprints variations.

New pages are added monthly.

15 years Jenny (15才のジェニー)

15 years Jenny (15才のジェニー)

First release: November 2000
Face Mold: [to be checked]

15 years Jenny version was released in November 2000 to commemorate the 15th anniversary of Jenny dolls line.

1991 Face Jenny (1991ジェニー)

1991 Face Jenny (1991ジェニー)

First release: February 1991
Face Mold: 90K-ONE22

1991 Face Jenny version was introduced in 1991 and was used in production of playline dolls for 1 year, most notably for Idol singer Jenny dolls.

AGIS Jenny (エンジェルズガーデンジェニー)

AGIS Jenny (エンジェルズガーデンジェニー)

First release: October 1999
Face Mold: K119

AGIS Jenny variant was introduced in 1999 and used for dolls in releases related to an alternative universe of Jenny World, with new Jenny backstory and a new cast of friends.

Princess Jenny (プリンセスジェニー)

Princess Jenny (プリンセスジェニー)

First release: September 1990
Face Mold: 6K18

Princess Jenny variant was introduced in 1990 and used for dolls in releases related to a storyline of Jenny going to Europe.

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